Read Walking, A Path to prosperity, health and social capital in the current issue of International Economic Development Journal.

Kaizer will teach "Sustainable Development & Environmental Impact Analysis" course at Tseng College, California State University, Northridge, in January-February 2015.

RA is leading a team of planners, designers, and economists to prepare the West Covina General Plan and CBD area master plan, code, and economic development strategy. See project website.

Kaizer and Mark Wyckoff, FAICP will conduct a half-day Intensive Form-Based Code Hands-on Workshop at the Michigan Planning Association's Annual Conference at Mackinac Island, on October 9th.

Read Finding the right path through design review in Better! Cities & Towns.

See Al Jamea tus Saifiyah project in Nairobi, Kenya.

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West Covina General Plan Update, & Downtown Plan & Code


See project website

Our practice is committed to making "great places” through planning & design of vibrant & distinctive urbanism & a restorative economy. We offer the following services based on principles of smart growth & sustainable urbanism:
1) Planning;
2) Design; &
3) Economic Development.


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